Controlled Parking Zone

This picture of the t-junction from Hengrave Road was taken on Saturday afternoon, 21 September 2019. This is what the road could be like with a cpz*.

There is a detailed page on the LB Lewisham website about CPZs, what they are set up for, the need for residents' agreement and the lead-in time … about 18 months.

CPZs are required to be self funding, hence the charge to residents. The income received from permits contributes towards the enforcement of the CPZs in the borough. If funds are generated through CPZs, then the Council is legally obliged to reinvest this in transport related improvements across the borough

The Lewisham page is here

Why bother with a CPZ? A number of arguments might be:
  1. Safety - cars running down the road fast particularly when there is a blockage at HOP/Stondon Park Junction. Speeding in a 20mph zone
  2. Parking - commuter parking
  3. Pollution - cars stopping and starting
  4. Devonshire Road at HOP is a problem to be solved
  5. Community vs traffic
  6. CPZ - residents and commuters. It’s more healthy for everyone to walk or bus to the station
  7. Dumped cars are a regular issue. A CPZ would get these moved within a day or two.
  8. General Environment: street trees, the patch, and a home zone at the junction would add to this, and then corridors for wildlife (eco-corridor)

The arguments against a CPZ might be:
  1. Councils use it to make money
  2. It hands parking control over to the Council
  3. It pushes parking into neighbouring roads
  4. It requires more street signs and yellow lines
  5. You will not be able to park across your dropped kerb entrance
  6. It inconveniences some people
*The blue sky doesn't necessarily come with the cpz