We have been planting trees as part of the Street Trees for Living programme organised locally by the Brockley Society and in particular by Dom Elliot.

So far (2019) we have planted 10 trees which are shown on the map below.

The collection for funds this year is coming along well with very generous donations. The aim is £1350 but now we have over £1500 donated. This is FANTASTIC and AMAZING. The HenBo Collective has done it again.

All the trees are now planted as shown in the map below. The trees need watering for 3 years

2017 planting:
1947 Amelanchier
1948 Amelanchier
1950 Amelanchier
1952 died - to be replaced with a Sorbus commixta Embley
1953 Amelanchier

2018 planting
0159 Hawthorne (replaced dying Sycamore)
0576 Hawthorne (replaced dying Sycamore)
1951 Hawthorne
1956 died -to be replaced with a Hawthorne
1957 Hawthorne

2019/20 planting
1954 Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer
1955 Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer
1958 Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer
1949 Amelanchier
143 Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer

Betula outside Hillstead, 12 Hengrave Road, to replace the dead Sycamore - now removed (Betula uitlis Jacquemontii)

The trees have been funded by donations from residents and two trees were funded from a grant from the GLA.

The cost per tree for planting in winter 2019/20 has remained as last year, ie. £270 (£295 with guard). This sum includes an approx 4m tree with stakes, a guarantee against its failure or damage in the first two years, and a label carrying the sponsor's name, or a name in commemoration, if desired. (from Brockley Soc)

Hengrave and Boveney New trees 2020